7 Sep 2015

Group launches local forums

Submitted by sfensom

On 7 September 2015 the Co-operative Group launched a national pilot of its new 'Co-operative Local Forum' (CLF) concept in 37 places across the UK. The pilot will operate for a 6 month pilot period. The concept came from a workstream of the transitional National Member Council on 'sub national structures', and draws strongly on the 'co-operative clusters' advocated by Co-operative Springboard.

CLFs are informal, involve staff as well as customer members, and are based round a small group of stores, although this varies. The Liverpool CLF has 22 stores for example.

The Group wants each CLF to be co-ordinated by a named Member Pioneer who will receive an honorarium, roughly equivalent to the fee paid perviously to area committee members.

The Group is promoting the new CLF concept on its mini-site myco-opcommunity.co.uk.