15 May 2014

Lord Myners responds to "Myners Plus"

Submitted by sfensom

In a lengthy response published today, Lord Myners responds to the proposals put forward by Co-operatives UK for ammendments to his recommendations for governance reform.

You can read the full document here.

Lord Myners repeatedly refers to the paper as being from "three authors at Co-op UK". He is presumably drawing attention to the fact that the paper is not a formal policy of Co-operatives UK, however he may inadvertently have drawn attention to his lack of familiarity with the institutions of the co-operative movement. Co-operatives UK is the universally recognised apex body for UK co-operatives and can trace its history back to 1870. Many will look to the institution as an arbiter of whether the proposed reforms are in line with co-operative principles.

In his criticism of the paper, Lord Myners is particularly forthright about the proposal to make the Nominations Committee a sub committee of the National Membership Council rather than the board. He says this will undermine its ability to choose board members on merit and will engender a culture of mistrust.