14 May 2014

Co-operatives UK proposes 'Myners Plus' options

Submitted by sfensom

Co-operatives UK has proposed three possible modifications to the Myners proposals that it believes will "address potential risks and draw on co-operative governance experience worldwide".

Authored by Helen Barber, Johnston Birchall and Ed Mayo, the report proposes three additions to Myners - presumably not alternative options: 

Option One: The Nomination Committee is a sub-committee of the National Membership Council, rather than being controlled directly by the Group Board.

Option Two: There should be one Chair of the Group Board and National Membership Council, rather than the cost and potential conflict of having two Chairs.

Option Three: The programme of work on 'social goals' should be integrated into wider operational plans overseen by the Group Board rather being run as a separate activity by the National Membership Council.

Option 1 is perhaps the most significant in that it addresses what many see as the central problem with Myners - what is to stop the board becoming a self-perpetuating oligarchy? The Myners Plus document notes:

The [Myners] approach therefore suffers from an important potential flaw, which is that, even with ancillary limits such as directors’ terms of office and
the potential for non-approved candidates, this could be perceived as an exercise in self-selection.

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