Members' Council adopts cluster ideas

The new national Members' Council of the Co-op has invited local groups to apply to set up 'Co-operative Local Forums' across the UK. The new concept embodies many of the principles of the cluster notion, first put forward here on Co-operative Springboard. Local groups will receive support and some funding.

Meanwhile the experimental cluster we set up in South Manchester held its third meeting on 18 April and agreed to ask for support under the scheme. You can read a full report of the meeting here.

The next meeting is on 27 June, so if you live in or near the Chorlton and Whalley Range cluster of stores in South Manchester come along to the Hardy Lane store at 10.30 on Saturday 27 June 2015. We will be talking about the local stores, our stores. About ways to make them work better for members and the community.

We think that's what a co-operative should be like.