Chorlton Coop Cluster meeting 17 March 2018

Saturday 17 March 2018 10.30-11.30
Co-op rooms, above the Hardy Lane Co-op Store, M21 7QH


What's on the agenda?

At this meeting we'll be working on the projects now underway:

  • Chorlton 'Fairtrade Zone' project
  • Motion to Coop AGM on plastics
  • Planning an event to showcase local coops like Unicorn
  • Making our Co-op stores stock more of the things we want

All our meetings are short - just one hour - and business-like. We're interested in making things happen.

What is the Chorlton Co-op Cluster?

The Chorlton Co-op Cluster is organised by co-op members in South West Manchester.

We think that we can have a much more meaningful input into how the Co-op is run and how it fits into our community if we do it at a local level, involving people who use and work in the stores - and anyone else who is interested. Here on Springboard we've been arguing this for a while - click here to see our original post on how the Co-op needs to get closer to the communities where it operates and how this must involve staff.