Co-op rooms opening soon?

News expected soon on Hardy Lane Co-op Rooms

The Co-op Group has indicated that the rooms above Hardy Lane Co-op store are likely to be re-opened soon.

The rooms were closed in April for safety reasons and the Co-op indicated that they hoped they would be able to re-open by early June 2017. That deadline has now passed and it's not clear why there is a further delay but it does seem likely that the rooms will reopen. Fire saftey tests have been completed. The rooms are an unusual legacy from a time when many Co-ops had meeting rooms over the stores used by local co-operative societies and others. Very few examples remain in the UK. The Hardy Lane rooms are used by many different groups. They are a base for the Woodcraft Folk, a part of the co-operative movement.

As a result of the closure of the rooms the next Cluster meeting on 15 July will take place in Chorlton Funeralcare.

Co-operative Springboard

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