Top 3 charities - members choose!

Local causes in Chorlton - chosen by you

Once again, the top 3 charities voted for by local members in Chorlton have been selected to receive 1% of what local members spend on Co-op products, having passed the rigorous checks by the Co-op. This funding is worth a lot for local charities. We're the only place in the UK where local members get a say in which three charities are chosen. Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll.

So congratulations to:


Cluster returns to Hardy Lane

The Co-op has now sorted the detail on new procedures so that community groups - including the cluster can make full use of the Hardy Lane rooms. 

The rooms were closed in April while the Co-op worked out how to ensure safety and administer access. They arer an unusual legacy from a time when many Co-ops had meeting rooms over the stores used by local co-operative societies and others. Very few examples remain in the UK. The Hardy Lane rooms are used by many different groups. They are a base for the Woodcraft Folk, a part of the co-operative movement.

Chorlton au vin

Thanks to everyone who came to the Chorlton au vin event on 20th and to our speakers Andrew Simpson and Lawrence Beadle. We hade a great turn out and an excellent discussion on the history of Chorlton and its links with the cooperative movement - all over an excellent glass of Fairtrade wine.

We're planning another evening event soon.


Co-operative Springboard

Co-operative Springboard was set up by the Manchester Area Committee of the Co-operative Group in 2014 to promote debate on reform in the Co-operative Group. Following the restructuring of the Group with a single National Members' Council, the focus of Springboard is on how ordinary members and staff can organise to have real influence under the new system.

This site is not published by The Co-operative Group. Members of the (former) Manchester Area Committee set it up and paid for it from their own pockets.